Sky Valley Motorcycle Show

About the show

The Sky Valley Motorcycle Show

Is a community event run by Sky Valley Chapter; ABATE of Washington on behalf of the citizens of Snohomish and the motorcyclists of Washington. The Show Bikes Are often mechanical marvels that still perform decades after their first ride. We aim to provide a working history of transportation modes and demonstrate an environmental alternative to automobiles. Our exhibitors demonstrate the quality workmanship available in the Puget Sound region, creativity and artistic skill, and industrial design. Through their workmanship we can see engineering developments, such as CNC aluminum billet work and engine performance enhancements, state-of-the-art paint and finish technology

Celebrate individual expression. Stimulate commerce among local motorcycle-related businesses. Celebrates the history of motorcycling in America. Educates the public about motorcycle safety issues.

Is one of many motorcycling events scheduled throughout the state. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, as proclaimed by the governor.

Draws tourists to our town from all over Washington, BC, Oregon, and Idaho. Enhances Snohomish's reputation for antique-related activities. Provides a positive image of the motorcycling community.

Encourages family discussions about riding experiences and historical events. 1903 was the Wright Brother's first flight and the first year that Harley-Davidson manufactured and sold motorcycles from a 10x10 shed in Milwaukee, WI.

From 1901 through 1936 more than 200 motorcycle brands were made in the US.

Our primary goals are to:

 Raise public awareness of motorcycles and motorcycle safety

 Hold our show during Motorcycle Awareness Month (May)

 Park motorcycles, safely, downtown for one day for show & tell and education.

 Involve members of community

 Support local community organizations

Along with primary goals, we also hope to:

 Express our rights of free speech and public assembly.

 Promote tourism.

 Promote local businesses.

 Give back to community.

 Keep admission free for visitors. And participation low cost.

 Express the history of our region through the history of our machines.

The Bike Show Committee oversees all details of putting on the show. Admission to the committee is open to any volunteer who is willing to offer time and support. The committee is composed of people from ABATE of Washington; Sky Valley Chapter and people from the community. The committee's main responsibility is to provide an enjoyable show each year, and try to tackle any obstacles that may come up. It takes a lot of people to make the show happen, but we have a lot of fun.

Sky Valley Chapter; ABATE of Washington

Sky Valley Chapter organizes, coordinates, and runs the Annual Sky Valley Antique & Classic Motorcycle Show. We are a group of volunteers that work to promote awareness in our community. Sky Valley Chapter covers the Sky Valley area, in Snohomish county, from Everett to Index.

For more details about Sky Valley ABATE, please see our chapter site